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Kamelia Kohlmeier is an executive Realtor. She is caring, compassionate and has over 10 years of wide-ranging experience in real estate services. Professionalism, Proficiency and PRecision are three tenets she holds in high regard. Although her profession requires a high level of certainty while remaining calm and composed in a high paced real estate environment, she often states that she owes her success to years of experience in relationship building, staff retention, client retention, exceptional service and critical thinking. 
While Kamelia's profession is important,she is deeply rooted and connected to the community. She earned a Doctor of Pharmacy degree at Roseman University of Health Sciences and served as a lead pharmacist for Walmart for many years. Kamelia  has championed 
numerous local organizations and charities- including her passion for the American Cancer Society of Nevada. She has been a role model and mentor for many women as she is married with three children, worked as a pharmacist while learning a new career in real estate. She has mentored many, many women in the real estate field that have joined Platinum Realty and showed them how to balance their career and have a successful home life as well.
Since the real estate business comes with unpredictable, long hours, especially in the beginning, she has talked to new real estate professionals about what to expect before they jump in head first, using her own personal experiences as a wife, mom and working two jobs at once. 
 Kamelia was blessed to have a mentor herself, which made moving through the real estate industry so much easier than others joining the ranks without guidance.
She teaches new agents that they can cut the learning curve by finding a mentor or experienced agent who is willing to take them under his or her wing, and offers to be that mentor to anyone who asks. As an experienced professional, Kamelia has helped new agents how to streamline their day-to-day so they don't have to needlessly sacrifice family time.

As a respected mentor in real estate Kamelia prides herself in the number of agents she has given her wisdom to that are now achieving great success. She encourages them to seek out a charity that they are passionate about, one that she may include her family to get involved with as well as a family project. She supported her husband David's campaign for 'Real Men Wear Pink' and raised thousands of dollars for the American Cancer Society. 
She is also a fundraiser and advocate for the 'Power in Purple', also benefiting the American Cancer Society. Kamelia has been honored with numerous accolades and awards for her dedication to ACS and continues to allocate the hours of her volunteer work into her schedule.

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